lunedì 4 agosto 2014

Holidays In Offida

Holidays in Offida are very enjoyable and amazing. Offida is a municipality in Italy. It is situated on a rocky region between the rivers of Tronto and Tesino valleys. Holidays in Offida will expose you to lots of panoramic sites that are worth seeing. Let us take a look at some of the things you expect to see whenever you take your holidays in Offida.

Major architectural features such as ‘the church of Santa Maria della Rocca’. This church is an architectural icon in the entire region of Marche. The church is constructed using brickworks and the gratitude for its design goes to Albertino who did it back in 1330.

Holidays in Offida must take you to the famous monastery of ‘San Marco’. This was constructed back in the 14th century by the highly skilled Franciscans. Up to date, there exists a detail of the church that bears the same name as this Monastery. The church was built in 1738 and its Gothic and rose window design and style styles are visible and you can take a tour in this site and get to see by yourself.

Holidays in Offida will lead to the church of ‘Madonna dell Suffragio’. The design of this church is quite amazing. You get to see the its external fresco that was designed by Simone de Magistris.

Holidays in Offida will take you to the sanctuary of St. Augustine. This wonderful and beautiful sanctuary was constructed in 1338-1441. The sanctuary is used to house quite precious and expensive silver.

Holidays in Offida can never be complete without visiting the popular and famous ‘Town Hall’ or commonly known as ‘Palazzo Comunale’. This was constructed in the period from 13th century to 14th century. The hall has a very beautiful tower in the central part.

You will definitely need to be entertained in the beautiful theaters in Offida. Get to watch plays and live performance. One the most known and best theater in Offida is the ‘Teatro Serpente Aureo’.

There are museums in Offida where you can visit and see what the Italian culture has to offer. Holidays in Offida will never be enjoyable without visiting the ‘Museo del Merletto a Tombolo’.

Photo creditgengish skan