giovedì 25 settembre 2014

What To Do In Offida

What to do in Offida was once a puzzle to me before I arrived in this beautiful and amazing Italian region. I could afford to do everything because time is never enough.

I had to visit again and again but even after all these visits, I still feel that there much more that I could still do in Offida. I actually had more activities to do such that a week was not enough. For instance, I had to see almost all the tourist attractions in addition to enjoying the delicious Italian meals.

I would like to share my personal experience about the sights I found most interesting in Offida. Paying a visit to these sights formed my main schedule of the things I had to do in Offida. I will begin with the famous church of Santa Maria della Rocca. I really find the architectural design of this church quite fascinating and something worth spending your time on studying.

Touring the monasteries in Offida, particularly San Marco forms an important answer of what to do in Offida. What interests me with this monastery are the visible details of the gatholic style that say a lot about this 14th century structure.

I have had an opportunity to pay a visit to an amazing church with an outside fresco. This is the church popularly known as 'Madonna dell Suffragio'.

What to do in Offida will never be complete without visiting the famous museum referred to as ‘Muse del Merletto a Tombolo’. Watching live performance in the Offida theatres was great fun. The memories of the cool moments I spent at one of the beautiful theatres in Offida are still fresh in my mind; this is Teatro Serpente Aureo.

I must share my experience in ‘Unique Church’. The church is just unique and it has two totally levels. Viewing the valley from the grounds was quite spectacular and beautiful. Right from the church; make sure that you look at the records that were used by the monks from as early as 1600’s.

Spending time in Offida will not be enjoyable without taking a drive all the way down the mountain of ‘Chiesa di Santa Maria della Rocca’ to the famous ‘Grottammare walk’. I relaxed hear as I watched the beautiful blue sea. This was also a nice place to take my lunch.

Going down to the sanctuary of St. Augustine is something I could not afford to miss. I had good time viewing a precious silver known as ‘relic cross’ that is housed in this 13th century building.

Photo creditSgobbone