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Offida Pecorino Wine

Pecorino is a variety of Italian white grape, which is used to make popular Offida Pecorino wine. Specialists in winemaking believe that the grape originated in the Sibillini Mountains in Fermo province, in the Marche.

An early-maturing variety that naturally produces low yields even without pruning, it has few viticulture-related hazards, strongly resists downy, and powdery mildew attacks. The grape produces a wine of superior structure and quality with a unique taste of minerals and citrus.

Production areas

Popular production areas for Offida Pecorino wine include 22 municipalities located in the hills of Ascoli Piceno province. The area stretches from as far as rivers Aso and Tronto to Offida. Native growers of the grape dominate the Marche region and they value the production of this variety that is the chief ingredient in making the internationally recognized brand of wine. Chief production areas include Ripatransone, Offida, and Monsampolo.


Instead of being pale yellow in color, Offida Pecorino wine displays green reflections with tropical fruit, and aromatic white flowers. The wine should be consumed when still young and fresh, preferably at 2 years of age. For serving tips, it pairs well with soup, especially after one year of refinement. Its fruity aroma on the nose as well as the fresh, dry flavour makes it a favorite brand of millions of consumers across the world.

How to serve and where to taste

The wine is served between 8 and 10 degrees Celsius in Tulipano glasses, which are developed to preserve its fresh notes. Tasting of the brand can be done at various areas including festivals at View Market Wine Colli Picenes in Offida, Carnival Offida, Show Lace in Offida, and the Festival Ciavarro in Ripatransone.

The wine is available in major stores both online and offline, where buyers can order as many pieces as they want for both commercial and individual consumption. Sometimes it is better to order online as it enables buyers to place their orders in the comfort of their homes and simply wait for delivery.

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