venerdì 7 novembre 2014

What To See In Marche Italy

There is no doubt that Italy is one of the countries in the world that has the most to offer to its visitors, from beaches to gorgeous parks and lots of amazing architecture as well as museums.

What many people forget is that there are some less popular parts of the country that are just as good as the most popular ones, that's why I am going to tell you what to see in Marche Italy, one of the many regions of the country.

There is a small town in Marche called Offida which has a gorgeous antique church called Santa Maria della Rocca which you can not miss. Although this church has undergone many changes since it was first built in 1039, you will still be able to notice its medieval style.

Just walking around the town, which is surrounded by some castle walls from the twelfth century, will catapult you back to the middle ages thanks to all the buildings that fill this peculiar town.

San Benedetto del Tronto is another little town in the Marche region which you will love as soon as you visit it. It is a fishing village where you will find the nicest people you could possibly hope to meet, and they will make sure to tell you everything you must do in their town.

Being a fishing village, San Benedetto del Tronto is right next to the see, and one of the things you must not leave without doing is walking around the seafront.

And if walking around the village so much gets you hungry, worry not because you will find some amazing restaurants where you will enjoy the most delicious fish you have ever had the pleasure of tasting.

Last, but not least, another great town to visit in Marche is Ascoli Piceno. This town is divided in two parts: the lower part, which is very modern, and the higher part, which is the medieval part, filled with museums and churches. In the higher part of the town you will be able to visit Piazza del Popolo which tends to be filled with lively Italians.

Right there you will be able to visit the Cathedral of Saint Emidio and the Baptistry of Saint Giovanni, two medieval buildings that will make you fall head over heels for this little town.

Now that I have told you what to see in Marche Italy, you must absolutely book your flights and pack your bags because once you visit it, you will never want to go back home.

Photo creditTurismo Marche