martedì 12 maggio 2015

San Benedetto Del Tronto Things To Do

San Benedetto del Tronto is a city situated in the province of Ascoli Piceno, Marche in Italy. By population it is the second most populous city in the province. It is a very active fishing port lying at the coastal side of Adriatic Sea.

Things to do

- You can go and watch the complete view from of the city from Torrione. It is a tower located on the oldest and highest side of the city. It is known as San Benedetto Alta.

It is of forty nine feet or fifteen meters and while here you get to see the magnificent city.

- You can go and enjoy yourself at the Riviera delle palme beach. It is situated at the city. Has been awarded the Blue flag a numerous times for its adherence to environmental standards.

- Go and watch the local home football team U.S Sambenedettese in action against other teams in serie D. You can also watch the rugby Samb team play.

- Visit monument to the seagull Jonathan as well as monument to fisherman. They provide a very beautiful scenery to enjoy.

- Go shopping and window shopping at the city’s specialty and gift shops. These include Viale Moretti, market palm, and Rositas second hand.

- Visit the city's museum like fish museum and museum of amphorae. Here you get to see the many ancient and current things in the museums.

- Take part in outdoor activities like projectone sbt and nature reserve bilge.

- Attend the festival leo ferre. An important and exciting festival organized since 1987. You get to see many artists perform like Jean Ferrat.

- Go and get bronzed at solarium at the cacao club. You are ready to go to the beach bronzed especially before summer time.

- It is the best town in Italy for buying and eating fish. San Benedetto fish highly sells in other towns like Milano, Rome, and Bologna restaurants.

- Take a walk at the harbor in San Benedetto. It is an ideal experience for those who want to meet new people in an area with a breath of fresh air. It also has a fresh fish smell.

- If you are young person or you enjoy playing pool, there is the Sala Giochi Sotterrenea. It is a nice play for passing time.

Photo credit: Wikipedia