giovedì 17 settembre 2015

What To Eat In Ascoli Piceno Italy

Ascoli Piceno is a charming city in the Italian region of Marche which is known for extremely beautiful sights such as Piazza del Popolo, the Dome or the insanely charming Old Town. But, as well as having many sights, in the city some of the best traditional Italian cuisine is cooked. If you want to know more about what to eat in Ascoli Piceno Italy, all you have to do is keep on reading this article.

One of the most popular foods in Ascoli Piceno are Olive Ascolane which are local stuffed olives which are hand-made by women from the city. These are made with green olives which are then pitted and filled with a mixture of cheese and meat only to then be dipped in egg and breadcrumbs and deep-fried until they become brown.

Ciauscolo is another extremely popular and traditional dish in Ascoli Piceno which is a delicious smoky porky sausage. To make it taste as much as it does, fennel, garlic and some non-alcoholic cooked wine are added to it. This is often eaten on top of toasted bread and sometimes it's included in other dishes such as bean stews and vegetable soups.

In Ascoli Piceno they also cook their own version of lasagna which is known as Vincisgrassi. It includes twelve layers of pasta sheets covered with tomato sauce (which is cooked for over five hours), chicken liver, mushrooms and some béchamel. This is an extremely filling dish but it's absolutely delicious.

And if you go to any restaurant across the coast of Le Marche you must try out the brodetto all'Anconetana, which is a fish soup. Thirteen different types of fish are used to make it as well as tomato sauce.

And last but not least, another delicious dish you can try if you visit Ascoli Piceno is crema fritta, which is a mixture of zucchini, onions, olive ascolane and pieces of lamb which are put in the fridge for about eight hours after having been fried. Once they are taken out of the fridge they are coated in egg and breadcrumbs only to be fried again afterwards.

Now that you have found out what to eat in Ascoli Piceno Italy and you know there are many great sights in the city, all you have to do is book your holiday and get ready to enjoy the culture and the gastronomy of the area.

Photo credit: Su-Lin