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The Gualtieri Tower

The Tower of Gualtieri: a Symbol in San Benedetto del Tronto

When you plan a holiday trip to any destination of the world, there must be an attraction site drawing you to that particular destination. In San Benadetto del Tronto Italy, the Tower of Gualtieri stands out as a popular attraction, drawing many tourists both local and foreign to come and have a glimpse of the structure.

As history puts it, the Tower of Gualtieri dates back to ancient times when restoration of the old city walls took place. That was somewhere around the last decade of the fifteenth century. The walls were damaged because of the rivalry between Ascoli and Fermo. After careful renovation, the tower now stands out as one of the greatest attraction sites in that part of Italy.

Planned and designed by great architects as G. Sacconi, the structure of the tower includes a hexagonal stretch that has a double strut shape made of bricks. It is modestly high, separated into four levels each with a curved vault system.

It also has a pointed barrel vault between its first and second floor. Adorned with light works, it becomes more pronounced at night.

After its renovation, the entire structure of the tower improved and even the watch mechanism underwent serious renovation. The clock is one the oldest in the country, dating back to the beginning of the twentieth century.

It is now one of the few such clocks remaining that are actually functional.

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