martedì 29 dicembre 2015

Marche Region Food

Everybody knows that Italy is famous in the whole world for being a country filled with historic places, beautiful cities, amazing art and extremely friendly people. But also, Italy is known for its exquisite cuisine which is one of the most loved ones.

If you love food more than anything and would like to visit an interesting place where, apart from visiting exciting sights, you will also have the opportunity to try some of the best dishes, you must absolutely go to Marche, a region in Italy.

Among the most popular Marche region food you can find the "olive ascolane" which are some delicious handmade olives filled with meat and cheese that are also dipped in egg to then be fried until they turn brown. This is one of the most popular snacks in the region and they are present in most big events.

Another popular Marche region food you must try during your stay in the area is the Ciauscolo which is a smoky pork sausage. For it to achieve the amazing taste it has, those who cook it do it in a pan adding fennel, garlic and vino cotto. Many people have bits of it on toast but also add it to vegetable soups to make them tastier.

Everybody has, at least once, tried lasagna, which is one of the most popular and loved traditional Italian dishes. In Marche they do their very own version called vincisgrassi with twelve layers of pasta sheets and some veal ragu, bits of chicken liver, wild mushrooms and some béchamel sauce.

Make sure that during your stay in Marche you go close to the coast because in any restaurant you will find there you will have the chance of trying the brodetto all'anconetana, a fish soup cooked with tomato and thirteen different types of fish and shellfish which give it an extremely original and delicious taste.

And another Marche region food you will have to try during your stay is crema fritta which is nothing more than fried cream that is usually served along with other fried foods such as zucchini, onions and olive ascolane. And while trying all these exquisite fried foods, ask for a bottle of Vernaccia, the best wine of the region to go along with your meal.

Photo credit: Dave Collier