martedì 29 dicembre 2015

San Benedetto Del Tronto Italy

Most people like to go on holidays to places they have never visited before because it's exciting to explore unknown sights. There are thousands of popular destinations in the world, but not everyone is the same and there are people who prefer going to less popular places that are still worth visiting.

If you are one of those, you might be interested in visiting San Benedetto Del Tronto Italy, a charming little town in the Italian region of Ascoli Piceno where you can spend some relaxing days visiting some really nice places without having to worry about thousands of tourists getting in the way.

For starters, you could start your visit to San Benedetto Del Tronto Italy from the bay-side which is known as the Riviera delle Palme because you will find many palm-trees there. Along the way you will come across ten different parks worth checking out all of them filled with exotic plants and flowers.

Also along the bay-side, you will find the MAM (Museo d'Arte sul Mare), an open-air museum where you will come across the 'Il Gabbiano Jonathan Livingstone', a monument designed by Mario Lupo. In this free museum you will also have the opportunity of seeing over 130 beautiful sculptures by Italian artists.

And if you are into traditions, during your stay in San Benedetto Del Tronto Italy you can't miss the chance to visit the Mercato Ittico next to the port where you will see fishermen coming back from the sea and where you will be able to buy the best and freshest fish in the whole area.

But in this charming little city you will also have the opportunity to try out some of those world famous Italian dishes everyone talks about. Along the bay-side, you will find dozens of different restaurants where you will be served some delicious plates for very affordable prices.

The most popular dishes in this city all include fish and among them there is the frittura di paranza (fried fish), alici marinate (marinated anchovies) and the most popular of them all, the brodetto alla sambenedettese (a fish soup that is absolutely delicious).

Photo creditredcloud80